Isaiah 32:18

King James Version

18 And my people shall dwell 

in a peaceable habitation, 

and in sure dwellings, 

and in quiet resting places;

Ever considered a tiny home?

What benefits would it have?

Take a tour and see some ideas.

Paradoxically, it will make room for more important things.

Important thing is it's simple, basic, useful, cozy, and inexpensive.

People at PRAISE village are not possessed by their possessions.

Our focus is on GOD.

Some TINY home ideas:

PRETTY little house

A Simple Home Rocks!

Large 10 x 12 Shed Plans (FREE pdf download)

Shipping Container Homes: Understanding the Pros and Cons

Ship containers become homes

Military Family Escape A Life Of Mortgage Debt By Building A Tiny House

Tiny House From Storage Shed | Useful Knowledge

FREE tiny house plans

8x16 Tiny House Plans (pdf)

This Modern Tiny House Acts As A Mobile Off-The-Grid Cabin

My Tiny Earthbag House

Tiny house plans you can download for free

Simple off grid Cabin that anyone can build & afford

8x16ft Tiny Home Tour -- Freedom Line

Image: Unsplash


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